black belt club

At BlackBelt Club we continue the process started in DojoBugs of providing children with the skills and knowledge to develop into a safe, fit, healthy and successful adolescence and adulthood...

Our exclusive Home & School Challenge Planners ensure that learning and character development extend outside BlackBelt Club into school and the home.

- BlackBelt Club members are taught:
- Respect for family, teachers and peers
- How to say “No” to negative peer pressure
- Coping with these challenges of growing up: the internet, bullying, cyber bullying, knife crime, gang culture, drugs, alcohol and smoking, principles of first aid and fire safety.

Book a free trial at or call Freephone 0800 612 7566

For your peace of mind, all instructors are trained to the highest standard, have full liability insurance and are police (CRB) checked.

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