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4Life Martial Arts Academies

We are a team of dedicated professionals that have designed and developed four fantastic programmes for children and adults.

With a wealth of experience in children's and adults Martial Arts and Self Defence training, 4LIFE Martial Arts Academies is extremely proud to introduce these programmes to you.

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Trusted by hundreds of local schools

We have taught over 20,000 local pupils

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely NOT. We are a friendly martial arts group. We want you to be a member because you want to be, not because you are tied in. If you decide our classes are no longer for you, just let us know!
Not with 4Life. Unlike most martial arts groups, we have abolished so called "Joining Fees". Therefore there is absolutely nothing to pay upfront when you join. well as having no upfront fee to pay, we will also gift every new student a 4Life Martial Arts uniform. ItÕs on us! We will have you looking like a ninja in no time!
Oh yes, we are open all year round. The only times weÕre closed are bank holidays, 1 week in the summer and 2 weeks over Christmas. Our instructors are awesome but not even they can compete with Father Christmas!
4Life Martial Arts